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Semi-Permanent or Permanent makeup has increased in popularity due to the dramatic improvement in training, techniques, tools, and products offering long-lasting and natural results; a virtually pain-free procedure that is low maintenance with no downtime. It is helpful to people who are allergic to conventional cosmetics, those with visual impairment, watery eyes, and those with unsteady or arthritic hands that have difficulty applying makeup.

Both are a form of micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing using a single-use sterile needle and specially formulated pigment to deposit color into the skin in order to enhance facial features such as eyebrows, eyes, lips, just to name a few.

Semi-Permanent Makeup:

- Implants pigment into the superficial layer of the skin using a single prong needle.

- Can last between 1-5 years.  Touch-ups are necessary to maintain color vibrancy and shape definition.

-Pigment will fade over time as your skin naturally exfoliates.

Permanent Makeup:

- Implantation of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, which is a deeper level causing more pain, potential scarring, and trauma.

-Can last 5-10 years.  The results are harsh and irreversible.

-Due to the body's chemistry there is a high chance of pigment changing color over time.


  • Takes time off your morning makeup routine

  • Can cover old faded tattoos

  • Want to correct asymmetrical eyebrows.

  • Want to create a whole new brow look.

  • Have thin or faded eyebrows

  • Those who have lost the “tail” end of the brow.

  • Fuller brows create a more youthful look.

  • Need and want an easy 24-hour a day beauty and confidence.

  • Play sports or athletes.

  • Have poor eyesight.

  • Are sensitive to cometic ingredients.

  • Are tired of penciling eyebrows every day.

  • Suffer from Alopecia or who have lost their eyebrows for medical reasons

  • Struggle to get the shape right when plucking

  • Who have lost some or all of their eyelashes

  • Who’s eye makeup smudges easily

  • Who want thicker more defined lashes

  • Who have lost Lip definition

  • With scars or distinguished creases around the Lip area

  • Who have asymmetrical lip shape

  • Who have pale lips

  • Who struggle with long-lasting lip color


Unfortunately, not all clients are good candidates for permanent makeup due to the existence of certain contraindicated skin conditions or pre-existing medical conditions. If you have a contraindicated skin condition you may not retain color well and thus may not be entirely satisfied with your outcome.

You should avoid this procedure or consult a doctor before booking a treatment if you have any of these pre-existing health conditions:

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes

  • Epilepsy or autoimmune disorders

  • Bleeding disorders

  • Viral infections

  • Skin irritations

  • Vitiligo

  • You are taking blood-thinning medications

  • You have a major heart problem

  • You are pregnant

  • You’ve had an organ transplant

  • You have uncontrolled high blood pressure

  • Those under 18 years of age

The following skin conditions compromise the outcome of a procedure:

  • Ingrown hairs and open bumps on eyebrow-injured skin cannot be tattooed

  • Eczema (constant flaking/itching/irritation/shedding of skin)

  • Psoriasis (constant flaking/itching/irritation/shedding of skin)

  • Dermatitis (constant flaking/itching/irritation/shedding of skin)

  • Rosacea (chronic acne-like skin indicated by redness)

  • Severely oily skin on eyebrows (microblading hair strokes will appear more blended, solid, or not retain at all)

  • Large pores on your forehead & in the eyebrow area (color will blur/blend in large pores resulting in a powdered look)

  • Have moles/raised areas/piercings in or around the brow/eye area (anything raised or indented will not retain color)

  • Deep wrinkles in the brow area (the hair strokes will not lay properly in the creases, giving the eyebrows an uneven look)

  • Hair transplant for your eyebrows (color will not take in the scar tissue where the plugs were placed)

  • Shingles (permanent makeup should not be performed as the procedure could cause a flare-up)

The following medical conditions preclude you from having a procedure:

  • Pregnancy or nursing 

  • Hemophilia 

  • Heart Conditions/Pacemaker/Defibrillator 

  • The body runs hot (increased bleeding)

  • Bleeding disorders 

  • Thyroid condition and taking medication for this condition (Hypo, Hyperthyroidism, Graves Disease, Hashimoto’s)

  • Autoimmune Disorder such as LUPUS or Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (MS, RA, Lupus or the like)

  • Trichotillomania (Compulsive pulling of body hair) 

  • Upper or lower eyelid surgery

Use of the following products may compromise the outcome of a procedure and are contraindicated:

  • Accutane or Retin-A (acne medication) - Wait 1 year before procedure.

  • Retinol or Vitamin A- Use must be discontinued for 1 month prior to the procedure.

  • Use of Latisse or any eyelash/eyebrow growth conditioner - Use must be discontinued for 3 months prior to the procedure.

  • Glaucoma Eye Drops

  • Triflusal (Disgren)

  • Clopidogrel (Plavix)

  • Prasugrel (Effient)

  • Ticagrelor (Brilinta)

  • Ticlopidine (Ticlid)

  • Cilostazol (Pletal)

  • Vorapaxar (Zontivity)

  • Dipyridamole (Persantine)

  • Coumadin

Green Eyes and Makeup


 From $ 750

Closed Eye


From $ 350

Red Lips


From $ 550


  1. A non-refundable and non-transferable $100 deposit is required in order to reserve your appointment time upon scheduling.  This deposit is to ensure that you are serious about booking your appointment and will be deducted from the total cost of your treatment. This also applies to touch-up procedures.

  2. The remaining balance must be paid in full on the day of the appointment.

  3. *All deposits are non-refundable.

  4. Please no children. Guests over 18 years old are permitted but are not allowed in the procedure room.

  5. Prices are subject to change at any time.

  6. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at our discretion.

  7. We have no control over the healing process; therefore, we offer NO GUARANTEES  of the outcome. It's crucial to follow our Pre-Treatment + AfterCare Instructions.


Please provide no less than 72 hours (3 days) notice if you wish to make a cancellation without penalties. 
Please note, if you do not give this notice, your deposit will be forfeited.
If canceling or rescheduling of the same appointment occurs more than once, it will be treated the same as a canceled/missed appointment and will be subjected to a $50 cancellation fee or declining of all future appointment requests.


We have a strict no-tolerance policy for late arrivals.  Exceptions will not be made for anyone arriving late due to traffic or any other personal emergency.  Late arrivals will be canceled and deposits will be forfeited. An additional deposit of $100 will be required to reschedule your appointment if you arrive late for your scheduled appointment time.  Please plan accordingly.

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